Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I like pretty much everything about YouTube and even created a channel there a couple years ago with a highlight video for our players at West Hills (linked on this blog). I have used YouTube alot both inside and outside of the classroom. Videos can be used in presentations, during lectures, and as reference tools amongst other things. I enjoy YouTube's ease of use and the wide variety of content available. As far as using it in coaching it has alot of use with recruiting and sometimes even scouting (as I mentioned in some prior comments). It's easy to spend alot of time searching around the website and I would advise using it during long layovers at the airport :)

I chose to post this video because I found it very interesting and worth a look. The 11 year-old kid featured, Jashaun Agosto, has a video that has been viewed some 2,000,000+ times... He's also been compared to Lance Armstrong here:



  1. OMG!!! that kid is awesome.

  2. That kid is a stud man. I wonder if he will stay that consistent with his worouts as he gets older...

  3. This kid is insane! Do you know him or is it just a video you happened to stumble across?

  4. Do not know him. Just a cool story I thought...