Wednesday, June 3, 2009


When searching troughout the Technorati website I found some interesting information. After searching through the blog directory an article on chocolate milk being the perfect sports drink caught my eye. According to the article found on the "Cycling Tips" blog, during an endurance test cyclists who refueled with chocolate milk during a 4 hour break between exhausting rides were able to ride 50% longer than those who refeuled with common sports drinks such as gatorade. I remember seeing a special on Fresno State athletics and the chocolate milk given to certain athletes and this article further explained the reasoning behind it. Here's the link:

I typed "kinesiology" in the tags directory under advanced search and found some different blog listings that were not listed in the standard search (and some of the same that were). I found the blog "Awaken Kinesiology" written by a Holistic Kinesiologist named Kerry who focuses on "helping people reduce stress, gain awareness and create more balance ... " Here's the link:

As far as exploring through the different search methods on the site, let's just say I was a little confused with the setup. I did find similar blog listings as far as titles to articles, videos and blog titles under the searches as well as different listings not found on the other search types. I can see how searching through this site can narrow down options as far as the topic you're looking for and it's helpful. I enjoyed reading some of the articles and sifting through various blogs. I really enjoyed the "what's popular" area and the top blogs by fans, top searches, top blogs by authority, top videos and top news.

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