Saturday, May 23, 2009

Incorporating Technology into Coaching/Education

As a basketball coach I can see microblogging as a form of PR... For example, I just blogged about Notre Dame's Charlie Weis and how he is currently using Twitter. The process brings the fans closer to the program's current happenings in a more immediate fashion compared to the typical media coverage. I could also probably see it as a recruiting tool (as well as social network sites such as Facebook and even blogs), a communication device between players and staff, and even family during a busy road trip. As far as a teacher, I think microblogging can be used to inform students of assignments and as a reminder and feedback forum. The possibilities are pretty substantial... One of the points that have been addressed is the privacy of it all and the separation between work and personal time. I believe that microblogging can help and hurt in certain areas—it all just depends on what is made public and who gets their hands on the information.

Podcasts have a ton of potential in the education arena (as discussed in the various assigned articles)—lectures, research info and on and on. Wiki, Flickr, Google Reader, Blogger, and LibraryThing are also great avenues to research and connect with people sharing similar interests—all can be applied to education and coaching. The bottom line is that we now have numerous opportunities to utilize the various technologies explored in this course and apply them to our profession as we deem necessary. The whole idea of attaining a professional degree online is only happening because of sites and feedback forums the 2.0 generation provides.

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