Sunday, May 31, 2009

Google Docs

There was a time when documents had to be done strictly via software purchased (or borrowed/copied/smuggled/rented...), now through Google Docs you can complete projects without spending a dollar. You can create projects using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel or a nearly identical version. You can also share Docs and have people "collaborate" or only "view" your creation (which is pretty sweet--two thumbs up). I have had a few people send me Docs using this program in the past, and didn't realize until now that they are saved under my account. The "templates" provided are excellent and the ease of use is outstanding. I highly recommend using them (and am even typing this blog w/ it) and think it's a great added feature for Google account holders. I may slowly transition to using it more, although I'll have to make sure I can get online to take advantage of it. In my career I could see Google Docs being used to share team information and in-depth stats, scouting reports and player info., game and travel schedules and more.

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